Welcome to scatterize!

Scatterize is an experiment created by Nate Vack, from the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Crafted from old-growth Python, scatterize has accents of Numpy, Scipy, and scikits.statsmodels. It is set in a framework of the finest Flask, and finished with a mixture of jQuery and d3. The code for scatterize is available on github.

Color schemes for scatterize were provided, free of charge, by the makers of the excellent and venerable ColorBrewer, and much of the charting design was inspired by Edward Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

I hope you find this useful! If you do, or have any feedback, drop me a line.

Keyboard shortcuts


j / k : Change Y axis variable
u / i : Change X axis variable
o / p : Change model
c : Toggle data censoring